Comes with suction cup arrow
3 inch x 4 inch

Banner - Mini Rainbow String & Sucker
$7.95(AUD) inc GST
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Rainbow Indoor/Outdoor Pennant Banner
Each pennant is 10 inches hanging down x 12 ft long

Banner – Rainbow Pennant 12'
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$14.95(AUD) inc GST
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ASexual person who is not interested in or does not desire sexual activity, either within or outside of a relationship. asexuality is not the same as celibacy, which is the willful decision to not act on sexual feelings. asexuals, while not physically sexual-type folks, are none the less quite capable... read more

Flag - Asexual Pride 3ft x 5ft
$34.95(AUD) inc GST
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BiSexual Pride
The colors are magenta, (representing homosexuals), lavender (representing bisexuals), and royal blue (representing heterosexuals). The flag was designed by Michael Page and first unveiled at the 1st Anniversary of the BiC... read more

Flag - BiSexual Pride Poly 3ft x 5ft
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