COVID-19: How it affects coming to Hares & Hyenas


Information incorrect? We are still adjusting from coming out of lockdown#06. Let us know if anything on this site looks a bit odd and we'll see if it's our regular odd or a new level of batshit odd, and we might change it. For queries, send us an email or call Rowland on 0425 791 126.

Opening Hours 
10am to 5pm Mon to Fri 
12.00pm to 5pm Sat to Sun

Shop online 24 hrs 

Some useful information

 • Hours are often longer than advertised; if you are running late, call us to find out when we are closing • wearing a mask instore is mandator • the shop has a covid capacity of 12 customers at once with a 30-minute browsing time limit.

Protocols are reviewed often and vary on a case-by-case basis. Different numbers apply at night for events, depending on if a seated or standing event.

Contactless CLICK & COLLECT continues • Contact Rowland on +61 4 2579 1126 if unattended.

Current stock levels are mostly but never all correct on the website • if a title is not on the site, ask us to order it • Hares & Hyenas adheres to agreed health guidelines and its covidSAFE plan • Feel free to ask us about this or anything else